Being a parent can be tough. In fact it can be one of the hardest roles we have to undertake. Children do not come with a set of instructions and while there is plenty of information available on the best way to raise your child, the reality of being a parent can be daunting. When we are trying to parent children who are not our own, or blend our families, the difficulties are further intensified and complicated.

Counselling can help in several ways. For some, it may be about questioning their own childhood experiences and the parenting they received, for others it may be a case of struggling to deal with a specific issues such as child behaviour in response to the new family dynamic. Others may need help addressing their emotional or relationship needs that can make parenting particularly challenging or even the impact of their own relationship.

Therapy provides a space to talk about their most intimate thoughts and feelings concerning step parenting, to be heard without judgement and develop an understanding why the difficulties are occurring as they do, and what strategies can be put in place to facilitate change.