Counselling for Young People

For many adolescents the task of navigating through the teenage years is relatively smooth, but for some it can be a turbulent and challengning time leaving both the young person and those close to them at a loss with how to manage their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Young people can feel overwhelmed and confused and have a sense of powerlessness and isolation, often while struggling with issues such as academic pressure, bullying, relationships, sexuality, social skills, family issues and more.

In our current climate, restrictions in place due to the Covid19 pandemic have been difficult to manage for lots of young people and lockdown has had a negative impact on their Mental Health. Some young people will be experiencing worries and concerns about various aspects of their life, for example family financial circumstances, or how they will manage going back to school with exams and other academic pressure, or be feeling uncertain about what their future holds for them in the face of so much uncertainty. 

Counselling can offer support by providing a safe environment to young people who may want the opportunity to talk about their feelings and mental health, without judgement, and learn how to develop tools and strategies to increase emotional health, resiliance and improve well-being.